Bonnoc AX 68 Synthetic Long Life Industrial Specialist Base Gear Oil - 20 Litres

Bonnoc AX 68 Synthetic Long Life Industrial Specialist Base Gear Oil - 20 Litres

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BONNOC AX Long-life, synthetic gear oil for industrial applications The trend in industrial machinery is toward ever-higher performance and increased automation.

Gears are vital machine elements in that they help maintain high productivity.

BONNOC AX is formulated with a chemically synthesized hydrocarbon base oil to give it improved performance in industrial applications and the severe high-temperature and high-speed conditions these often entail. 

Its high viscosity index means it can be used over a wide temperature range, and it has lubricating properties and thermo-oxidative stability superior to that of common mineral-based gear oils. 

⚫ Special features:

BONNOC AX can be used for all types of gears, including spur, bevel, helical, double helical, worm, and rack & pinion gears. 

1. Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability Its synthetic hydrocarbon (polyalphaolefin) base oil gives BONNOC AX superior thermal and oxidative stability compared to common mineral-based industrial gear oils. Carefully selected sulfur-phosphorus additives fight sludge formation and help BONNOC AX provide good performance over longer intervals. 

2. Improved gear life Formulated with outstanding additives, BONNOC AX forms a tenacious oil film that withstands high load and shock forces to prevent gear wear and seizure. And longer gear life contributes to reduced maintenance costs. 

3. Prevents rust and corrosion BONNOC AX features excellent rust- and corrosion-inhibitors that protect gear assemblies and oil circulation systems against rust and corrosion. 

4. Good compatibility with seal materials BONNOC AX exhibits the same good compatibility with seal materials as mineral gear oils. 

5. Other performance characteristics BONNOC AX also has outstanding water-separation and antifoaming characteristics, greatly simplifying oil maintenance. 
⚫ Types:

 BONNOC AX is available in 7 viscosity grades (ISO VG 68 through ISO VG 680), so the user can select the right product for the intended usage conditions. 

⚫ Applications:

For lubrication of sealed gears in common industrial machinery used in steel manufacturing, forging, paper manufacturing, construction, mining, chemical manufacturing, and other industries.. 

⚫ Container: 20 Litre

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