Castrol Differential SAF-XJ 75w-140 LS BMW-Approved - 20 Litres

Castrol Differential SAF-XJ 75W-140 LS BMW-Approved - 20 Litres

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Castrol SAF-XJ is a full synthetic SAE 75W-140 final drive lubricant. Formulated with an optimal combination of frictional characteristics and viscosity profile, Castrol SAF-XJ has been developed to help overcome noise and “stick-slip” problems in limited slip differentials in a variety of different vehicles. Castrol SAF-XJ has excellent high temperature performance providing exceptional wear.

Castrol SAF-XJ provides protection under high load and high temperature conditions. The superior cold flow properties of Castrol SAF-XJ allow for improved gear and bearing protection at start up, reduced torque loss and increased driveline efficiency.

Castrol SAF-XJ has the ability to reduce final drive temperatures through reduced friction, contributing to extended oil and component life. Castrol SAF-XJ can be recommended for most passenger car and light commercial vehicle final drives with or without limited slip differentials, where API GL5 lubricants are required.

Castrol SAF-XJ is approved by BMW for use in rear axles fitted with limited slip differentials. It should not be used in BMW rear axles without limited slip differentials. For these applications please refer to Castrol SAF-XO



 • Optimal combination of frictional characteristics and viscosity profile for excellent noise reduction, helping to avoid “stick slip” and improve differential performance.
 • Excellent antiwear properties over all temperature and load conditions for better final drive protection and enhanced component life.
 • Excellent cold flow properties for improved gear and bearing protection at start up, reduced torque loss and increasing drive line efficiency.
 • Excellent high temperature performance due to wide span viscosity for better start protection under high load/high temperature conditions.

Benefits .

• Shear stable viscosity for constant viscosity and performance during oil life
• Good anti-pitting behaviour helps to protect components, extending driveline life.
• Advanced synthetic and antioxidant formulation for good oxidative and thermal stability, providing enhanced component cleanliness and extended lubricant life.

PERFORMANCE LEVELS • SAE 75W-140 • ZF TE-ML 05D, 12D, 16G • BMW approval for rear axles with a limited slip differential

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