Gulf Competition SAE 0W-30 ACEA A3/B4 API SL/CF Synthetic Ester-Based Racing Engine Oil

Gulf Competition SAE 0W-30 Synthetic Ester-Based Racing Engine Oil - 10 x 1 Litre (10L)

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Gulf Competition is a range of products specially formulated for, and tested in, race and rally conditions in a variety of cars. These engine oils are based on the very latest concept of synthetic fluids, such as chemically pure esters, that have been carefully chosen to provide the maximum level of engine protection and deliver specific performance benefits vital in motor racing. All the oils incorporate a top-of-the-range additive system which, in other products, attains the high international specifications such as ACEA A3/B4 and API SL/CF.

Gulf Competition engine oils are available in a variety of viscosity grades, each selected to deliver to the race team benefits appropriate for their type of race or rally competition.


• High performance, turbo-charged, super-charged, naturally-aspirated, multi-valve gasoline-engined cars
• Diesel powered race cars, including those with indirect injection

Product Range

There is a low viscosity (0W-30) oil which is ideal where power use inside the engine itself (from viscous drag, oil pumping, churning) has to be minimized. This oil grade is ideal for short sprint races and for qualifying laps – and the reduced viscometric drag is gained with the minimum effect on oil durability.

At the other extreme, Gulf offers a 10W-60 grade engine oil. This has been developed primarily for use in larger engines, under long endurance race conditions, where high engine temperatures are attained. This grade also compensates for oil thinning where there is fuel dilution from running the engine mixture ‘rich’ to get the maximum power, or where anti-lag devices on turbochargers cause fuel dilution.

The 5W-40, 10W-40 and 15W-50 grades complete the range and thus enable the race engineers to select the best oil for their engine. Car engine designs from the past 20 years to the current date can all be lubricated with one of these oils. In general, the ‘heavier’ the grade, the better the oil resists fuel dilution and evaporation at high operating temperatures. The lower viscosity grade oils provide for more power transmission onto the road and are generally selected for the smaller, higher revving engines. Thus the 15W-50 grade is used extensively for larger engines under longer and hotter race conditions. It is the oil of choice for competition with classic and vintage car engines, where engine protection is of paramount importance. The 5W-40 grade is typically recommended for the more modern engine designs and provides excellent engine protection even under arduous race conditions. For older small capacity engines, and for production cars used in rally and circuit racing, the 10W-40 grade provides excellent lubrication.


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