GULF Superior Multi-Vehicle CVT Fluid MB-Approved 236.20 - 12 x 1Litre

Gulf Superior Multi-Vehicle CVT Fluid MB-Approved 236.20 - 12 x 1 Litre (12L)

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Gulf Multi-Vehicle CVT Fluid is exclusively designed with the well-balanced blend of high-performance additives and carefully selected base fluids to provide suitable performance in a wide-range of CVT-equipped passenger vehicles. Its performance has been demonstrated in different areas required for CVT fluid, including low-temperature fluidity, oxidation stability, wear protection, anti shudder durability, shear stability, material compatibility, metal-to-metal friction and foaming prevention. It provides suitable performance in a wide-range of CVT-equipped passenger vehicles and meets or exceeds the requirements of most Japanese, European and North American OEM CVT fluids for service-fill applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides high metal to metal friction performance.
  • Improved anti-shudder properties ensuring smooth operations
  • Shear Stable viscosity modifier ensures long lasting Shear Stability during the operation.
  • Excellent anti-foam characteristics ensure proper lubrication at all times. 
  • It's backed with extensive test data demonstrating the Suitability For Use in the place of many OEM CVT fluids.


  • Recommended for wide range of passenger car CVT fluid service-fill applications.
  • Note : Not suitable for use in hybrid CVT units (Ford and Toyota)

Suitable for Use Applications:

  • Audi / VW - TL 52180; G 052 180
  • Ford - CVT30 /MERCON C
  • Honda - HMMF
  • Toyota - Toyota TC
  • Nissan - NS-2
  • Mitsubishi - CVTF-J1 / SP-III
  • Hyundai / Kia - SP-III
  • Suzuki - TC / NS-2 / CVT Green 1
  • Dodge / Jeep - NS-2 / CVTF+4
  • GM / Saturn - DEX-CVT
  • Ford - CVT23
  • Mercedes-Benz - 236.20
  • Subaru - NS-2 / Lineartronic CVTF
  • Mini Cooper EZL 799

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