Total Quartz Racing 10W-50 ACEA A3/B4 API SN/CF Engine Oil - 5 x 1 Litres (5L)

Total Quartz Racing 10W-50 ACEA A3/B4 API SN/CF Engine Oil - 5 x 1 Litres (5L)

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 ACEA A3/B4


TOTAL QUARTZ RACING 10W-50 is a synthetic technology engine oil that has been developed to cover the most stringent requirements of gasoline engines used in sport and intensive conditions.

TOTAL QUARTZ RACING 10W-50 is particularly suitable for turbo-compressed and multi-valved engines. This engine oil can be used in the most difficult operating conditions (motorways, dense city traffic...), and is appropriated for all driving types, in particular for sporting or intense drive, and for every season


 Antiwear protection: TOTAL QUARTZ RACING 10W-50 provides an exceptional anti-wear protection of the engines, especially in the severest conditions of use.

 Engine protection and performance: This oil protects mechanical parts by ensuring an optimal lubrication as of the time of starting and fully preserves the engine power, thus contributing to its youth and strength.

 Engine cleanliness: TOTAL QUARTZ RACING 10W-50 keeps the engine's most sensitive parts clean thanks to its advanced detergent and dispersive additivation.

 Easier cold starts: Its excellent fluidity is perfectly adapted for cold starting in extreme weather conditions and ensures a good protection of mechanical parts at high temperature.

 Oil film resistance: Thanks to its synthetic formulation, TOTAL QUARTZ RACING 10W-50 has an exceptional viscosity index and maintains the most resistant oil film even at high temperatures.

Fully synthetic oil for an high and constant quality for the lubricant.

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