Valvoline Copper Compound Multipurpose High Temperature Industrial Automotive Manufacturing Grease - 500g

Valvoline Copper Compound Multipurpose High Temperature Industrial Automotive Manufacturing Grease - 500g

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If you are looking for a product that is resistant to high temperatures, protects against fretting, scuffing, and rust, while at the same time enabling generous lubrication, Valvoline’s general-purpose copper-based lubricant might be exactly what you need.

Copper compounds have traditionally been used as anti-seize products applied in high-temperature, wet, damp, and otherwise unfavorable and harsh environments. Their purpose is to prevent seizures caused by corrosion, extreme temperatures, stress, heavy load, and vibration. That is why copper compounds are typically recommended to be used on exhaust system nuts, cylinder head bolts, automotive wheel studs, threaded surfaces, fittings, screws, gaskets, pipes, plugs, manifolds, headers, and other equipment parts you will probably want to remove at a certain point.


In general, multipurpose copper compound lubricants have many uses across various industries, including automotive, vehicle manufacturing, textile, marine, chemical, power generation, metal, mining, and many others. 

However, there is no universal type of grease that fits all the end-users the same. Each industry and each individual customer have their own requirements, so it is of utmost importance to find a general-purpose lubricant purposefully designed to meet the specific needs of every end-user. 

Valvoline Copper Compound is applicable to screw threads and other mating surfaces. This copper compound will increase the overall effectiveness of your machine part, boost its performance, and reduce wear and tear.


Each Valvoline product, including Valvoline Copper Compound, is developed with a specific purpose and a specific customer in mind. Valvoline strives to offer tailor-made solutions which will satisfy even the most demanding users and provide outstanding performance regardless of challenges caused by different working conditions, environments, and circumstances. 

Some of the key benefits of Valvoline Copper Compound are:

  • It is developed to provide outstanding seizure and rust protection when exposed to extreme temperatures (from -30°C to +1200°C),
  • It offers excellent lubrication that helps prevent equipment damage caused by friction and vibration.


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