AdBlue consumption guide for all vehicles

Commercial Vehicles:
Usage for commercial vehicles will depend on tonnage of the vehicle – rates usually range from 3-6% of diesel consumption.

Passenger Cars: 
Passenger cars will typically use around 1 litre of AdBlue every 350 to 600 miles. AdBlue is usually around 3-6% of diesel consumption.

The amount that your car requires depends on engine size, how you drive and the size of the AdBlue tank. Check your cars manual for a specific answer on how much AdBlue your car takes.

Machinery & Plant:
For diesel powered machinery and off-road vehicles, this varies due to a wide range of factors, including engine size, usage and operating conditions.

Bus and Coach:
Bus consumption of AdBlue usually equates to around 5% of diesel consumption. However, this is dependent on the mileage of the vehicle – city buses will typically use 20-30 litres each month, compared to 40 litres per month for buses operating over longer, cross-country routes.