How to dispose of engine oil safely and legally

It is important to store and dispose of waste oil in a responsible and safe way. By pouring your engine oil down a drain whether inside or outside, you are polluting and breaking the law. Engine oil cannot be recycled at home since it is considered a hazardous waste and may pose a harmful risk to the environment and to human health. 

Engine oil should be kept in a sealed, suitable container and kept separate from other waste before being disposed. Do not mix the oil with other substances as this will make your waste oil difficult to recycle.

You will need to dispose of your oil responsibly by going to your local recycling centre that can take hazardous waste oils. You can find your nearest oil bank using this link -

For other types of oils such as diesel, petrol, brake fluid and anti-freeze, there may be different legal requirements.

You can check waste oil classifications on the government website here -